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We can all tell the difference between something like, say, an article for a critically acclaimed national magazine and a conversation between you and a…
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So, just as a quick note, I wanted to hop in and kinda talk about characters, specifically the way readers appreciate discovering them.

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The suspense, the captivating dialogue, the perfectly polished words that fizz and pop with excitement.

They're all the symptoms of an amazing story, one that…
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A Saturday morning at a nearby coffee shop.

I find a little one-person table, enough room to fit my laptop, some headphones, and a medium…
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So, this is something I started putting together a while back, and when I came across it today, it looked like something worthy of a…
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The Productive Writer - VIP

$20 / month

The Productive Writer comes with a monthly price of just $20, so it won't take too much out of your pocket, and it will serve as the perfect opportunity to enhance your writing. Here are just some of the things you'll get with your subscription:

  • Weekly topic-centered posts, with summary notes, action steps, and discussion prompts for Slack ($200)
  • Full access to the Productive Writer Community on Slack, with daily prompts, goals, exercises, etc.. ($100)
  • Comprehensive bi-monthly videos and accompanying PDFs ($100)
  • A monthly PDF workbook for learning each topic ($30)
  • My monthly Box of Infographics ($200)
  • The Productive Writer Swipe Vault ($30)
  • And a lot more surprises

(After your purchase, you should get access to both a 'welcome' post in the blog section of your dashboard, along with an email. Both will have info on claiming your prizes, accessing the curriculum, etc..)
Includes access to 4 products:
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Test Run

Not sure if the Productive Writer is right for you? Don't worry; I have a free plan where I'll give you a taste of everything I have to offer. Included in it are things like:

  • Access to the initial introductory post to every topic (includes summary notes and action steps)
  • Access to my Platinum Newsletter
  • Access to all my blog posts (other than member-exclusive ones)
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If I had to choose one thing that I thought was the binding force of society, it would definitely be reputation.

Whether it's doing a simple good deed or establishing a long-term friendship, the reputation that you establish with other human beings is a major contributing factor to the way you're perceived by others, and the same goes with your writing...

Whether you're a student trying to get your teacher to notice your writing, a creative writer who wants to get people to read and enjoy your work, or an online educator who wants to monetize the information you provide, everything you do contributes to the reputation you establish with your reader.

In other words, everything you create helps you build your "brand" so to speak, and that's what The Productive Writer is all about! 

With this comprehensive membership, I'll give you access to the information, motivation, and community that it takes to build your brand and become a productive writer. 

Why this program is different...

Have you ever felt as if there was a crucial missing piece that was holding you back from achieving your goals?

Perhaps that missing piece is a result of your inability to enjoy a certain aspect of what you're doing, or maybe what you do just doesn't generate enough popularity, but wherever you are on that scale, the real reason why you haven't achieved satisfaction in the field is because, although you're following a specified curriculum, you might not be following a proven pathway that can help you achieve success.

In other words, you've been given training, but you don't have a bike that can allow you to apply and master the skills you've been taught.

That's where my accelerated curriculum comes into play!

In order to provide you with information that you can, and have to, implement instead of just absorb, all of my content is built in a way that you can apply to your writing. 

Whether that be in the form of weekly chats, writing challenges, or critiquing sessions, I make sure that everything I teach is backed up with a way for you to prove your expertise, and that way, nobody will fall behind:

Here, nobody falls behind:

"With this mastermind, it's almost impossible to not succeed! Everything Michael posts to the community challenges you to apply the concept he taught to your writing, and the monthly writing challenges give me the perfect opportunity to spend some time focusing in on what I'm doing to succeed." 
Dianne Nuice
"I love this community! With comprehensive info, awesome challenges, and a unique form of feedback, Michael has it all in this community, and it's vastly helped me enhance both my presence online and my productive writing!"
Samuel Irsen

What You'll Get With this Program

Your purchase in The Productive Writer will give you access to everything that you need to achieve mastery in the field of writing, including:

The Productive Writer Member's Area

After your purchase, you'll get instant access to the Productive Writer Member's Area, which is where you'll be able to access all my blog posts, tutorials, and Productive Writer bonuses. Typically, I like to teach a new topic every month, which will be taught through the member's area with exclusive blog posts and live sessions.

The Accountability Powerhouse

When it comes to mastering any skill, accountability is the key to mastery, which is why it's one of the primary pillars of my entire site. For this membership, the primary method of accountability will be through the Accountability Powerhouse, a Slack workspace where you can share your writing with a like-minded community of #writers and get some great feedback. You'll also be encouraged to critique other peoples' work as well.

Weekly Writing Prompts

Every Saturday, I'll create a blog post where I describe a writing prompt that you can feel free to execute on and share with the Productive Writer community. The titles of these prompts will only be 1-3 words long, so regardless of whether you're a student, creative writer, or blogger, it won't be difficult to find a way to adhere to that prompt.  

The Platinum Q&A Community

The Platinum Q&A community, worth $30 to get into, is my comprehensive community of #writers who want to go beyond having their questions answered. Once you become a member, I'll take every question you ask and put it into a comprehensive Google doc, where I'll elaborate on that question, respond to it by showing you strategies for implementation, and give you action steps on using my advice.

The Productive Writer Swipe Vault

From understanding the art of brainstorming to mastering the annotation process, I've put all of my productive writing hacks and tips into this exclusive swipe vault, which comes with 32 pages of notes and templates that will help you get going on your writing journey. 

How much should I be charging you?

I'm a firm believer in the fact that the accessibility of content is the key to its mastery, which is why I'm not putting some enormous VIP price tag on this content. As a matter of fact, you can get access to The Productive Writer for just $20 a month!

Put that price into comparison with what I should be charging you:

  • Full access to the mastermind curriculum and community ($200)
  • VIP access to my Accountability Powerhouse ($100)
  • The Productive Writer Swipe Vault ($50)
  • Recurring VIP Webinar Admission ($30/event)
  • Access to exclusive member-only posts on my blog ($30)
Yup! That's an estimated $410 in content that you'll receive for just $20 a month

So, what do you think?

Regardless of how you apply the art of writing into your life, improvement always comes down to a great place to both learn and share your progress, and if that's something you're willing to take advantage of, my Productive Writer Mastermind is waiting for you for just $20 a month!

A bit about myself...

Hi, I'm Michael, and I've created ChatPat Academy to serve as an oasis for everyone looking to enhance their writing abilities. From sales pages to college essays, I talk about quite a bit, and it's helped dozens of creative writers, students, and entrepreneurs achieve the results they wanted in a fraction of the time.

Now, with the introduction of my Productive Writer Mastermind, I'll provide you with all the guidance you need to see the results you deserve!

Actionable Advice for Writers

Hi, I'm Michael, and it's my goal to bring more ease and value into the art of writing, whether you're a student, creative writer, or entrepreneur.